1. What pistol grips fit on the M17?

    Any AR-15 or Airsoft GBB (Gas Blow Back) grips will fit on the M17 grip, though we have found that some grips including a back strap may need minor trimming to fit. 

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  2. What shrouds will fit my M17?

    MILSIG offers a full line of shrouds for the M17. All MILSIG Shrouds fit all MILSIG markers unless otherwise specified (ex: M17 CQC shrouds). 

    See the selection here: Handguards

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  3. BRH Installation supplement manual - English

    Please click below to download a PDF version of the MILSIG M17 BRH Installation supplement manual

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  4. MILSIG M17 CQC Manual - English

    Please click below to download a PDF version of the MILSIG M17 CQC Manual

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  5. NODE™ Regulator manual - English

    Please click below to download a PDF version of the NODE™ Regulator Manual

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  6. Can I change the stock on my C.A.T.S. (Combat Air Thru Stock).

    Yes, the C.A.T.S. will fit any MILSPEC AR-15 buttstock. 

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  7. What is the difference between an 18 and 20 round square head magazine?

    The 18 round magazine is the first 18 round magazine on the market to continually and consistently feed 18 rounds. The time tested rotating channel inside allows First Strike to feed consistently without adding fin pressure that can damage or flip your First Strike rounds. 

    The 18 round magazine uses a high tension spring to exert more force on First Strike rounds. This is necessary because you will often run into flashing or burring on the fins of the round from the manufacturing process. In order to force the rounds through the magazine, a higher tension spring is required. 

    Due to the higher tension spring, it is recommended that you use a harder shelled paint in the 18 round magazine if you are not using First Strike rounds. We'd list off suggestions, but availability changes based on regions so we can't say what is best in your area. 

    The 20 round magazine is designed solely for the use of standard paintballs and has undergone over 8 generations of revisions to earn the title as the most reliable paintball magazine on the market. 

    This magazine holds 2 extra rounds, and has a lighter spring than the 18 round magazine in order to ensure reliable feeding with a variety of different brands and grades of paintballs. 

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  8. How do I know if I have a warranty?

    The user manual for your MILSIG marker outlines that all markers carry a 1 year parts and labour warranty from date of original purchase. This warranty covers parts and workmanship that stem from regular usage.

    Physical damage is not covered under the manufacturers warranty, but will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine the best courses of action. 

    Please note that Warranty is covered within the country of purchase ONLY. If you have purchased your MILSIG marker from a source outside of Canada, you will need to return it to your vendor to be serviced. 

    Proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt is required to make a warranty claim. 

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  9. Where to get warranty support?

    MILSIG Industries Paintball has assigned 3 regional distributors in order to provide those specific regions with the best service possible. These distributors are also outlined in your user manual. 

    For service in Canada, you will contact us (WidowMaker Industries) by using the contact link at the top of this page

    For service in the USAMexico or South America contact MILSIG Direct at

    For service within the European Union contact MILSIG Direct Europe at

    For other parts of the world, contact MILSIG Industries Paintball for the best course of action at

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  10. How do I send my marker in for service?

    Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to solve your issue. Sending your marker in for service is simple.

    To streamline the process, we've created a checklist and form for you to fill out and include with your marker. This makes sure you've taken every step to resolve your issue without having to lose your marker for the time it takes to repair. 

    Download and print the attached file to include with your marker.

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