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Custom Patches

Not all patches are created equal. With the massive diversity of available materials for construction, it's important to fully understand your patch and it's effects on your team, event, or brand. Patch Panel has been producting custom patches since 2012, and in our short years we have seen many other 'manufacturers' come and go. There's so many factors that play into a patch to ensure the absolute best experience. Afterall, your patch is an experience, not a postage stamp. 

Your patch defines your brand. We're going to use the term brand going forward, as any image or depiction to represent anything is in essence a brand. Your image starts with your designs. Everyone has a friend that can draw on a computer, but that doesnt mean the image will translate into a patch. Patches (or even the industry of logos) play by a different set of rules than your average photoshop user. In fact, if you talk to professionals in the industry of logo production you'll quickly find that photoshop is pretty much their last choice. Photoshop is for making breathtaking photos, not Logos.

When you send us your graphic our professional, in house design team will analyze all aspects of the graphic and make suggestions for improvenments if need be. We don't do this to solicit design costs, we do this to provide you with the absolute best patch possible. The proof is literally in the pictures when you compare patches from our in house design team, and outside designs. 

Patch Panel makes it simple, our design team will work with you to make sure your graphic turns into a breathtaking patch.

Presentation is everything. The next step in making an unparalelled quality of patch is the materials offered and how they're used. You're used to the standards, embroidery and PVC.

  • Embroidery is computer controlled stitching to layout a graphic on a fabric backing. This is one of the cheapest ways to make a patch, especially in bulk.
  • PVC is a rubber compound that produces stunning results in colouration and durability. The rubber can easily be washed back to its original conditions.
  • Retroreflective options are ideal for displaying your image in low light conditions. We use DOT certified reflective materials to help keep you, and your team safe.
  • Cordura options are fast and easily repeatable. This application is best suited for solid colour graphics, or applications that require use or Reflective, Glow in the Dark, or Night Vision sensitive imaging.

Some materials are better suited to specific applications. Our Patch experts will help you choose the right material for your application, in order to help you get the best results.  


  • Printed retroflective materials for high visibility
  • NO minimum order
  • NO setup cost*
  • 2-4 week lead time
  • Prices vary based on complexity


  • Laser cut  fabrics in over 30 different patterns with multiple base material options
  • NO Minimum Order
  • NO setup cost*
  • 10 day lead time
  • Prices vary based on complexity


  • Extreme durability and washability
  • 30 piece minimum order
  • NO setup cost*
  • 30 day lead time
  • Prices vary based on complexity


  • Classic style and feeling
  • 10 piece minimum order
  • NO setup cost*
  • 30 day lead time
  • Prices vary based on complexity